Who is Spritez?


My Name is Sprite Chow which is a programmer. My website (Workpress) is written about programmer life.

Reasons for the establishment of the website


Because the competition need to use website, so began to develop my website.



Extreme Web Designer Award On 2009 - Cha Siu Bao - 叉燒包

This award is a competition within the six universities. The main test is promoting the use of Web standards and good usability and accessibility best practices as well as aesthetically pleasing visual designs.

Software Engineering Competition in Open University (1st) on 2009

This award is the school of internal competition. In this competition about 20 teams, there are three teams to get 1st, which one is me.



Period: January 2011

Website : 集合全城各大團購網站至抵至 hit 團購優惠 - Qdeal.hk 團購大全


Period: January 2014

Website : 佛羅倫斯鐘錶 - Firenze Watches

  • Watches Online Shop
  • PHP + MYSQL + JQuery + MVC

Period: January 2015

Website : 藍妹有機農莊 - Blue Girl Organic Farm

  • Organic Farm Online Shop
  • PHP + MYSQL + JQuery + MVC



Period: January 2012

Website : Spritez - Youtube Video Player (beta)



Campus : The Open University of Hong Kong

Name : Sprite Chow

Contact E-mail : admin@spritez.com